About Me

I have been a freelance writer and music journalist since 1990.

I have contributed to Billboard, No Depression, ChronicMagazine.com, Columbia Free Times, Country Standard Time, Charleston’s Free Time, Lexington Life, The Lexington Chronicle & Dispatch, Palmetto Parent, Upstate Parent, Carolina Homes & Interiors, and more over the years.

This blog is a forum for me to write stuff my usual outlets either won’t or can’t publish for various reasons–limited space being the most common one. Whenever something here is connected to any of my other published work, I’ll note that, otherwise it’s safe to assume that everything here is exclusive content not found anywhere else.

If you’re a band interested in having your music reviewed or your story told, drop me a line at kageyo@yahoo.com.

9 responses to “About Me

  1. Do you know whatever happened to Gretchen Meigs? I finally got a chance to listen to her whole CD Disenchanted and I love it.

  2. Gretchen ⋅

    Hiya Fred –

    I’m in Phoenix, AZ. Was not too impressed with the music biz after trying to promote the CD, so unfortunately I haven’t recorded anything since. Plus I kind of blew out my vocal cords trying to sing over the background noise at one of those 3-hour gigs at one of those coffeehouses…so I’m working & raising kids. Glad you like the CD & hope you’re doing well! You too Kevin!

  3. frid

    Wow it is nice to hear from you! I am getting back into the scene a little bit.

  4. David Nedwidek ⋅

    Nice write up on Ted Bird. He was an old friend,
    and the 1959 Guild D50 I play was his. He also
    turned me on to the house I live in, where Patrick
    Sky was living at the time. Thanks for letting people
    know Ted was a talented character.

    David Nedwidek
    Perryville, RI

  5. alunatunes ⋅

    Hey kevin
    It’s nice to see you here. I write a daily musicians meditation and music advice at
    I’ve always enjoyed your writing Kevin….
    Wishing you always the best@

  6. Rachel

    I work with Sam , Natalia and John amongst other amazing artists. if you want to offer this three song free download to your readers, please do. http://marketmonkeys.com/tour/store.html It’s a song from each of them. Also, may I re-post your article in No Depression?
    Thanks so much for your support!!

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