ColorBlind Debuts Short Film Introduction


Justin Smith and Fat Rat Da Czar really don’t need an introduction on their home turf of South Carolina, but their brand new collaboration may benefit from a just-posted short film that includes two songs from the upcoming self-titled album for what they’re calling ColorBlind. Smith’s laid-back acoustic grooves juxtaposed with Fat Rat’s gritty hip-hop classicism makes for some exciting sounds on the first single “Follow The Spin,” which is heard here along with another track from the album, “Live Like the Devil.” As the ten-minute clip unfolds, Smith and Fat Rat portray two people who have lost friends and end up in the same bar trying to deal with the pain; they come together over music.

Judging from what is heard and seen in the video, Smith and Fat Rat have found common ground in an era marked by division, both in music and in life–as recent events in South Carolina have proven, tragically. To see two such different artists coming together and making music with a positive, important message is a sign of better things to come. Watch for the full album to drop on September 1st, 2015.

Nine Odd Things About Can’t Kids’ new Video for “Walmart Parking Lot”

Can't Kids, Photo credit: Joe Chang

Can’t Kids, Photo credit: Joe Chang

Can’t Kids recently released a video for “Walmart Parking Lot”, a song that appears on a split 7-inch with Durham, North Carolina’s’s Schooner coming soon from Sit-N-Spin Records. It’s as surreal and head-scratching as the band’s music can be, with a dream sequence that features Tyler Morris of the band ET Anderson as the abducted main character. Multiple viewings at this point have yielded the following observations, some of which require a quick finger on the pause button to witness. Watch the video and see if you can spot the following:

1. When Morris looks at his phone, it shows that the “Work Work Work Work Work” alarm is set for 3:26 p.m.

2. Morris must have had a fun night before the shoot, he has three different ‘club’ type paper wristbands on his left arm.

3. There is a Scene SC sticker in the back window of the Jeep that Morris’ abductors use.

4. What’s with the guy wearing a backpack who darts in front of the Jeep?

5. As Morris gets out of the back of the Jeep, among other papers and detritus you can spot a Butch Walker poster.

6. The Wal-Mart scenes appear to be shot at the Garners Ferry Road location in the band’s hometown of Columbia, SC.

7. The first inside shot in Wal-Mart features a clearly visible “Cool” graphic on the waistband of green shorts with Morris walking by…intentional? I’d say yes.

8. The U2 Joshua Tree album he picks up is shelved on a “Christian” genre card in rack. The band was initially thought of as a Christian band but hasn’t been associated with that genre in a long time–maybe Wal-Mart still categorizes them that way?

9. There is a creepy/scary looking portrait of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley inside the house.

Paul Bergmann’s New Video for “Old Dream”

Sometimes a song jumps out at you, other times it simply seeps into your subconscious like rainwater being absorbed into the ground. Paul Bergmann’s new single, released on 7″ vinyl this week, is one of the latter type.

Bergmann, like Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, or Eric Andersen, isn’t the greatest singer or most vocally adept, but he gets the emotional heft of a lyric across in true Dylan-esque fashion here. Production-wise it’s quaintly retro, hearkening back to Cohen’s “So Long, Marianne” sound only with more tambourine; this could have been released in 1969 and it would have fit right in to the burgeoning art-folk scene.

For more on Bergmann, visit his sites:

I’m With Her: Three Talented Ladies and One Great Song

Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins, and Sarah Jarosz make up the ad hoc trio I’m With Her, an acoustic Americana supergroup that’s dripping in harmonies on their debut single, a cover of John Hiatt’s “Crossing Muddy Waters.” Hiatt’s tunes almost always lend themselves well to interpretation and this one is especially pliant in the talented hands and voices of these three women. There’s a 7-inch single release of this recording, and an Irish/UK tour to come. Would it be too much to ask for a full album, and a US tour????