April Video a Day: Marissa Nadler, Drive

Sometimes I like a video more because of the music than the visuals, but today’s clip is a gorgeous thing to look at as well as listen to. Directed by Naomi Young of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi, it melts images of Nadler onto moving roadway vistas, taking the lyrics literally yet re-imagining them figuratively.

April Video a Day: South Carolina Broadcasters, “Traveling the Highway Home”

A couple months back I had the pleasure of booking The South Carolina Broadcasters for a gig at my church right after their new, all-gospel album was released. As you’ll see from this live clip (one of several posted from this show) they have an abundance of energy, great harmonies, and some fast picking on this classic bluegrass gospel tune, done in their own signature old-time style.

After some spring break traveling with the family, just needed to hear this one.

April Video a Day: William Fitzsimmons, Lions

There isn’t anyone out there doing the kind of quietly powerful songwriting that William Fitzsimmons has managed over his last couple albums, and his videos are equally stark and simple affairs. A new one, for the song “Lions”, is a great example of both: