Hannah Miller’s New Song “Promise Land” Used in Chernobyl Video Footage

One of my favorite musical exports from here in Columbia, SC is still singer-songwriter Hannah Miller, whose deeply expressive voice makes everything she sings sound phenomenal. Last week a CBS cameraman who worked on a “60 Minutes” documentary exploring the soviet nuclear disaster site Chernobyl uploaded some eerie footage of the area; the song he chose to use as the background music was Miller’s new tune “Promise Land.” The clip is over a million views, so I hope Hannah is getting some royalties off those plays. If you want your own copy of the song it is out now on iTunes as well. The original video post is below:

Patrick Davis, Live in Glasgow

So, Camden native Patrick Davis is a Nashville songwriter with some cuts by folks like Jason Michael Carroll and Darius Rucker; he’s on tour with Rucker this week in England and Scotland. A fan tweeted this link to Davis that contains the full opening set from his November 22nd set in Glasgow, it’s a fun listen punctuated by several of the songs he’s written for others including “Where I’m From” and “Numbers.” Bonus, and best, song: a cover of Scottish band Travis’ tune “Sing”, which the crowd sings along with quite loudly.

Roadkill Ghost Choir’s Horror Movie Inspired New Video “A Blow to the Head”

What better day for a band called Roadkill Ghost Choir to post a new video, this one for their song “A Blow to the Head”? Especially since it’s full of footage from old VHS copies of a horror movie found in a Florida thrift store (and a corresponding poster in Italian), giving it an archival/found footage feeling that adds to the creepy nature of the music and lyrics.

Roadkill Ghost Choir is having a scary good year, with an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman kicking it off in January and their full length debut In Tongues issued in August.


Beach Day Wraps Up Summer In “Don’t Call Me On The Phone”

Some bands just ooze summertime, and with a name like Beach Day, how could you not be a breezy indie pop outfit? Beach Day‘s second album Native Echoes is out on the 19th, but check out the video for single “Don’t Call Me On the Phone” below. Lead singer Kimmy Drake channels Ronnie Spector in hairstyle and vocal sound, like a one-woman Ronettes, and the organ wash vs. guitars effect is like a gauzy, dreamy take on the Ramones–not a difficult thing to imagine now with all the original members of that band in rock ‘n’ roll heaven.