The Athiarchists Music Adventure Tour Bypasses Venues for the Street

Complain all you want about the modern music business, ticket prices for big concerts, nowhere for bands to play, etc., but this crazy band called the Athiarchists, a two-piece band from Oregon, is doing something about it in true DIY fashion. The heavy rock duo refitted a U-Haul box truck to serve as a rolling stage, complete with a roll-up door on the side, a generator for power, and all of the instruments, amps, and various pieces of equipment are bolted in place so that they can literally pull up into a parking lot and be playing music in minutes.

They’re currently following around the Korn-headlined Music Mayhem tour, playing before and after the shows in parking lots until they’re asked to stop by local authorities. The band has a great blog where they’ve documented all of their planning, construction of the truck-stage, and posted videos of various tour stops at, check it out but be warned—lots of F-bombs in the text and video, not for the easily offended.