SceneSC 2017 Sampler Shows Depth, If Not Diversity

scenesc 2017

The yearly compilation of music from South Carolina bands from SceneSC has become an annual tradition, a barometer of sorts for local music. This year’s continues the trend of introducing new and unreleased tracks from many of the artists involved, some of which will be heard here first before inclusion on a full length album of their own later.

If there’s a complaint, it’s a minor caveat that SceneSC tends to the indie rock side of things, with nary a heavy act, country crooner, jazz artist, or hip-hop MC anywhere near this. That’s their right, of course, and SceneSC has never claimed to speak for the entire South Carolina music community….but given the bully pulpit the blog/site has established it’s a missed opportunity for major segments of the scene, especially since there really isn’t an equivalent blog or site doing anything remotely similar to fill in those gaps.

Our favorite tracks: Numbtongue’s gurgly, trance-like “MosesBones”, She Returns From War’s stately, resigned yet hopeful-sounding “Fruit of the Night”, the understated grandeur of Yosef’s “Elise”, and Dylan Dickerson’s raw strummer “Seasoned Veteran.”

Yours? listen at the link below:


Cole Connor Video debuts for “Tarzan”

Columbia, SC hip-hop artist Cole Connor dropped one of my favorite records of 2016, Soda City; this week Czar Records released a slick video for one of its tracks, “Tarzan”. Complete with Grandmaster Flash lyrical nod and a message of not forgetting who you are (But thankfully no loincloths in sight), it is another reminder of how far hip-hop in South Carolina has come.

Shot and directed by The Foto Bros. LLC.
Mastered by STEF FisheyeMusic Mastering
SODA is available everywhere now.

via Cole Connor ft. Heazy Boi & Preemo Heem – “Tarzan” – Official Music Video – YouTube

God Bless Sin: Patrick Davis’ Gamecocks Tribute for the Final Four

Camden, SC born songwriter Patrick Davis once penned songs for the University of South Carolina baseball team’s national title run, and for the football team as well, so it’s only natural he come up with something for the men’s basketball team and their improbable Final Four berth this weekend. Win or lose, Davis is celebrating the achievement in song, and it’s stirring this old Gamecock alumn’s heart.

via Patrick Davis – “God Bless Sin” – Ode to 2017 SC Gamecocks Basketball Team – YouTube

Those Lavender Whales Streaming New Album on Goldflakepaint blog

Love to see SC bands getting widespread attention; the April 7th release of the new Those Lavender Whales album is garnering accolades already and you can now hear the whole thing streaming online here:

via Album Stream: Those Lavender Whales – “My Bones Are Singing” – GoldFlakePaint

Early R.E.M. Clip Like Any Local Band Ever

There are lots of R.E.M. shows on YouTube including some very early ones with varying quality… this one from 1982 includes all the between song back-and-forth typical of a local club show between band and audience, and Stipe is endearingly engaged and not yet into his spaced-out frontman persona he’d adopt not long after this…asking for requests, dedicating songs to people, and acting like every local band playing their favorite bar.

via R.E.M. – Live at the Raleigh Underground (10th October 1982) (PRIVATE REMASTER) – YouTube

My Favorite Albums of 2016

Now that Columbia Free Times has published its annual ‘best albums not from South Carolina’ list that I contributed to, here

I can post my own full list below, which shows it was a pretty good, diverse year for music.

1. Drive-By Truckers, American Band: The album that captures how I feel about this year better than anything else.

2. David Bowie, Blackstar: Tragic start to the year with Bowie’s death, but this parting statement is all the more powerful for his knowing absence.

3. Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker: Tragic end to the year with Cohen’s passing, but his dedication to the word and the song was strong all the way to the finish.

4. A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service: Phife Dawg may be gone, but he lives on in the tracks here, and the Tribe manages to come back and say goodbye in the same instant with class, style, and precisely drawn vibes that nail the current state of things.

5. Sturgill Simpson, A Sailor’s Guide To Earth: Simpson doesn’t need today’s country music, but today’s country music sorely needs Simpson.

6. Volbeat, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie: Groove metal with hammerblow intensity and a fun-loving streak that’s sadly absent from the music of their peers.

7. Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book: Kanye gets more props but my favorite rapper right now is probably this guy, who wraps funk and gospel into one big crazy mess like a kid with an actual coloring book who refuses to draw inside the lines.

8. Bill Mallonee & the Big Sky Ramblers, Slow Trauma; Mule: America’s greatest living songwriter, he puts out albums at such a clip it’s hard to keep up. These two from 2016 are both top notch representations of the world-weary, faith-infused point of view he has perfected over the years.

9. Corinne Bailey Rae, The Heart Speaks in Whispers: Beyonce may be pushing more boundaries in more directions, but for late night jazzy R&B vibes, this lady put out the smoothest jams of the year.

10. Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, Shine A Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad: I think I watched this album more than I listened, as the recordings done in various train stations were all filmed and posted online. Two of my favorite songwriters playing songs about trains and traveling, it’s a musical and historical journey all in one.