September Spotify Playlist

Starting a new recurring feature here where I’ll be putting together a Spotify playlist featuring new tracks and maybe some older stuff that I’m either listening to or writing about in various places each month. It’ll be a work in progress with commentary included below that I’ll also add to as the list grows, and I’ll start over on the first of each month. Hoping this clues you in to some tunes you might not otherwise find. Got favorites of your own? post in the comments.

OMI, “Hula Hoop”: silly pop song, been listening to a lot more of this kind of stuff since my girls became teenagers. This is one I can kinda dig.

Foals, “Mountain At My Gates”: Love the intensity of this one, without it having to be ‘heavy’ at all…reminds me of a more tribal Depeche Mode at times. From the new album What Went Down

Yo La Tengo, “Friday I’m In Love”: did the world need another self-conscious Cure cover? Nope, that’s why this gently acoustic take succeeds so well. From the mostly covers album Stuff Like That There

Cory Branan, “No Hit Wonder (Live)”: Branan is playing the upcoming Jam Room Music Festival here, and I know some folks pretty excited about that. This is a live version of a song from the 2014 album of the same name, released via Audiotree this year.

Mandolin Orange, “Jump Mountain Blues”: the new video for this is pretty neat, the song itself comes from an upcoming new album from this North Carolina folk-pop duo. It’s a nice tune and indicative of their quietly powerful sound.

Isabelle’s Gift, “Sonofabitch”: Getting psyched for another epic Halloween show from this Columbia SC band of veteran heavy hitters; this one always reminded me of Motorhead and with Lemmy in the news this month for health reasons it seems appropriate to throw it on here.

Josh Ritter, “Getting Ready to Get Down”: Still not sure if I actively dislike this because it’s an annoying song or if it just suffers in comparison to Ritter’s more contemplative, poetic work of the past. this new single from his soon to be released new album is a bit too Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start The Fire” or Barenaked Ladies “One Week” for my taste, but maybe it’ll grow on me.


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