Nine Odd Things About Can’t Kids’ new Video for “Walmart Parking Lot”

Can't Kids, Photo credit: Joe Chang
Can’t Kids, Photo credit: Joe Chang

Can’t Kids recently released a video for “Walmart Parking Lot”, a song that appears on a split 7-inch with Durham, North Carolina’s’s Schooner coming soon from Sit-N-Spin Records. It’s as surreal and head-scratching as the band’s music can be, with a dream sequence that features Tyler Morris of the band ET Anderson as the abducted main character. Multiple viewings at this point have yielded the following observations, some of which require a quick finger on the pause button to witness. Watch the video and see if you can spot the following:

1. When Morris looks at his phone, it shows that the “Work Work Work Work Work” alarm is set for 3:26 p.m.

2. Morris must have had a fun night before the shoot, he has three different ‘club’ type paper wristbands on his left arm.

3. There is a Scene SC sticker in the back window of the Jeep that Morris’ abductors use.

4. What’s with the guy wearing a backpack who darts in front of the Jeep?

5. As Morris gets out of the back of the Jeep, among other papers and detritus you can spot a Butch Walker poster.

6. The Wal-Mart scenes appear to be shot at the Garners Ferry Road location in the band’s hometown of Columbia, SC.

7. The first inside shot in Wal-Mart features a clearly visible “Cool” graphic on the waistband of green shorts with Morris walking by…intentional? I’d say yes.

8. The U2 Joshua Tree album he picks up is shelved on a “Christian” genre card in rack. The band was initially thought of as a Christian band but hasn’t been associated with that genre in a long time–maybe Wal-Mart still categorizes them that way?

9. There is a creepy/scary looking portrait of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley inside the house.

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