Deltron 3030 “Do You Remember” Video Captures Futuristic Nostalgia

“Not to get into nostalgia, some of those things had value,” goes the key line in Deltron 3030’s new single and video “Do You Remember”, featuring Jamie Cullum, and with the hip-hop electro supergroup’s (Del the Funky Homosapien, Kid Koala, and Dan the Automator) focus on a futuristic kind of old school vibe, there’s plenty to remember for them. Childhood, a time “before predjudice could spark a cold flame in the dark”, before corporate greed, a time of peace without guns, and more are covered in the laid-back grooves of the song. It’s arresting in the way that Aloe Blacc’s “I’m the Man” makes you stop and sing along, or how Boogie Down Production’s “You Must Learn” stated the cold hard facts in that undeniable way. “Wind your mind back to a simpler time” and check out the wistful, elegiac video clip just released for “Do You Remember”:

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