April Video a Day: Mac Leaphart, El Paso Kid

So in my email inbox this week I get a message from “Miller Leaphart” that almost looks like spam but I open it anyway, and it turns out it’s from former South Carolina resident Mac Leaphart, who relocated to Nashville a couple years back and has been off the radar and settling in. According to the email from Mac:

So, this is a run down of what’s been going on since I last sent one of these, which I believe was sometime in 2012.  Wow.  I’m pretty sure that old man Time has a stock pile of frequent flyer miles…

Towards the end of that year, I drove to Nashville with a van full of my stuff, and stepped off the map for a while.  This is where I live. 
1908 Division Street #6 Nashville TN 37203. 
You can send me a letter.   But, I’m not always waiting on the curb for the mailman. 
I live with John Wesley Satterfield  and Connie.
John and I sometimes play in band called Damn Fine Company.
All is well here in Nashville.
If you’ve never been before, come see me.  I’ll meet you at Robert’s for a col’ beer.
If you’re no stranger to Music City, then come on back…

I host a song writer’s night, Southpaw Supper Club every Thursday at Soulshine.
I just started the facebook page, so if you’re inclined, be a sport, and “like” it…
So, that’s Nashville for me, writing songs, honky tonks, Levis, you know the bit…

I have been horsing around with a new band, though.  Walker, Dean, and Smitty from Truth & Salvage Co will be backing me up for some shows.  They are quite literally my favorite band, so I’m really excited to be playing with them.  Check out their spot on CMT Edge/Concrete Country

He goes on to report on a finished new album and provides a link to him performing one of its songs on the Billy Block Show in Nashville last year, which is our April Video of the Day:

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