A Failure to Communicate, from Mathew Lee Cothran of Coma Cinema


The world has perhaps gotten used to the odd musical musings and random, scattershot offering from Columbia, SC’s lo-fi indie auteur Mathew Lee Cothran via his Coma Cinema and Elvis Depressedly outlets, but his latest release is a sentimental-sounding albeit brief set of songs that’s over almost before it begins, leaving an unsettled feeling in its wake.

Failure is the title of the new four-song digital EP on his bandcamp page, and the entire thing is shorter than many artists’ single songs– 6 minutes and change, if you’re keeping track. In those fleeting ‘songs’ Cothran packs emotional apathy with a wallop, from the title track’s examination of contacts with his parents to the gentle acoustic “I Don’t Know”, which at 1:40 is the longest thought here, expressing his frustration with life in general, perhaps. “Nothing to believe in, no reason to try.”

That lack of inspiration belies the fact that these half-formed song fragments have more impact than most full songs, leaving listeners either reaching for the ‘repeat’ button or just hanging in the interrupted aural space wanting more. Like the more experimental sounds from Bill Nelson in his prime, Cothran seems to feel no need to flesh things out any more than necessary, and perhaps these songs would lose their luster in longer versions.

Regardless of motive, or method, he has seemingly hit upon art for today’s ADD generation of internet dabblers–if you can’t spend six and a half minutes on his music, that’s your loss, not his.

Failure is up as a pay what you want download here:


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