You Can’t Go Home Again? Tell That To Rockafellas Reunion


They say you can’t go home again…in the case of the dedicated patrons of the long-shuttered Columbia music scene landmark Rockafellas, that has been true, up until now.

Closed in 1998, the tiny venue hosted a staggering number of touring acts during its decade-and-a-half run, everyone from Roger McGuinn of the Byrds to The Flaming Lips, shock rockers Impotent Sea Snakes to Aussie college radio faves Hoodoo Gurus, hardcore from G.B.H., Stretch Armstrong, and more, a lot more. Rockafellas was also a breeding ground and training facility for local bands, which brings us to this month’s Rockafellas Reunion event on Saturday, October 26th. The show will feature a slate of local acts that once called the club home, including Isabelle’s Gift, Kindread Soul, Danielle Howle and her current band Firework Show, and Myrtle Beach band Dead Cut Tree.

Chris Sutton of Isabelle’s Gift was instrumental in organizing this year’s event, the third such ‘Reunion’ but the first to be staged inside the walls of the original club, now open as Jake’s Bar & Grill.

 “My idea was pretty simple. I wanted to put together a gig comprised solely of local bands who not only played at Rockafellas on a regular basis, but bands who’d put in their time there. I wanted the bands who stood the test of time and earned their spot the hard way. It builds a different type of appreciation and I only wanted groups who, at least at their core, would look back down that bar one last time as they were performing and feel MOVED.”

So, they say you can’t go home again…on the 26th, we’ll just have to see about that.

The show is on Saturday October 26th. Tickets are $15 and are available at Brown Paper Tickets, here,  and Jake’s. It’s an early gig and the doors open at 6:00pm. The show starts at 6:45 and will be over at 11:00pm. The order of bands is Dead Cut Tree, Kindread Soul, Danielle Howle + Firework Show, Isabelle’s Gift. There will be a costume contest and DJ Scott Padgett will be out on the deck. There’s also an after party at The Art Bar for anyone who is interested.

For more on why Rockafellas was such a big deal, see my previous posts from last year’s BOA reunion at the Jam Room Festival and the series of memories I posted in 2007 on the occasion of the first Rockafellas Reunion shows by clicking here. (keep scrolling to read the older posts, and click “Older” at the bottom for a few more.)


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