Album a Day for August: Gabriel Mintz, Future Wars


Today’s album is from Seattle musician Gabriel Mintz, found randomly by perusing the new release list for recent weeks–this one came out August 13th. Turns out he’s Adam Klein‘s cousin and according to his website info he played here in Columbia at the White Mule in 2010 with Klein…I’m pretty sure I missed that show or I would remember him.

Mintz’s sound is trance-like and suffused with a languid, fluid sense of melody. A droning texture underneath most of the tracks is sort of like a subtle bagpipe effect, keeping the sound going throughout each track with an undercurrent of tonalities that’s akin to a movie soundtrack.

That instrumental reference isn’t so surprising when one notices the song title “An Ode to Hanz Zimmer” (Zimmer is famous for writing movie scores); that track is indeed a score-like instrumental with floating guitar leads and an atmospheric style not unlike its tribute subject.

There’s a laid-back uneasiness to most of the songs that sounds a bit like Jack Johnson playing a Pink Floyd song. It’s easy to just let the music fade into the background of whatever one is doing–for most artists I’d say that was a drawback but in Mintz’s situation I think his meditative style lends itself to that uber-passive listening.

hear for yourself below:



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