August Album of the Day: Little Comets, Life is Elsewhere


I typically run screaming in the other direction any time an act is described as “the next big thing”, as it’s rarely the case. UK band Little Comets were dubbed as such but since it was Details magazine, I’ll give them a pass and just say that they’re likeable enough to catch on, if they’re lucky.

There is an underpinning of Afro-pop throughout the album, a surprising texture atop the band’s otherwise mundane 80’s-inspired indie-pop. There was a time in the 80’s when the sub-Saharan guitar pop rhythms were themselves described as “The next big thing” and we all know that didn’t happen, other than Paul Simon‘s Graceland album.

Take those Soweto sounds that Simon swiped, put them under Vampire Weekend, and you’ve got Little Comets, really. There’s a bit of Talking Heads, the Undertones, and the Looters (look ’em up, they were great), but mostly a bunch of inoffensive albeit catchy tunes, with the more acoustic, haunting “Western Boy” a notable exception. See the video for that song below, and a Spotify stream if you want to hear the rest.



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