Album a Day for August: Superchunk, I Hate Music


There are few things more perfectly imperfect than the music of Superchunk, and the fact that they’re still making music is a source of wonder and joy for me for many reasons, chief among them that they’re still great after all these years.

The sarcastically titled new album is more poppy than I remember them in a while, with shades of Urge Overkill, Cheap Trick, and more on songs such as the first single “Me and You and Jackie Mittoo”.

There is still a thrashing punk/indie rock heart at the center of Superchunk, however, and rave-ups such as “Staying Home” will satisfy that segment of their fan base quite nicely.

Me, I adore the kind of time capsule melodic material such as “Low F” which reminds me immediately of my mid-1980’s college rock radio days with its killer hook and Mac McCaughan‘s abrasively endearing voice. Nobody back then had any illusions about our favorite bands ‘making it big’, whatever that might mean then or now, they just loved the bands and their music and didn’t really care if you did or not, being too busy going to shows. I only saw Superchunk play live once, back in those early days, but it was a tremendous show.

So, I may at times agree with the new album’s statement about hating music, but I’ll never hate Superchunk or what they stand for in my own musical history–thanks for the memory jog, guys.

There’s a limited time stream of the new album here on Merge Records’ site

Adding to the wonderfully nostalgic feel of the new songs is this video for “Me and You and Jackie Mittoo” featuring record store customers and employees holding up copies of albums that were important to them…I see a lot of my own much-loved collection in these pictures (see :31 point, and the woman with the copy of “Rock Starve” by the Bags…if I wasn’t already married, I’d propose to her just because she picked that album to have her picture taken with.)




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