Album a Day for August: Lily & Madeleine, The Weight of the Globe

lily and madeline

Today’s album is actually an EP from the teenage duo Lily & Madeleine, who I came across in an email yesterday from the fine folks at Noisetrade, who post all kinds of great music for downloads at a pay-what-you-want price. The girls became internet sensations earlier this year from a Youtube video of the Midwestern singers that caught fire on Enter the Asthmatic Kitty label and Sufjan Stevens, who signed them and will be releasing a full length album in October.

Until then, feast on the rich, textured sounds underlying the nakedly beautiful, unaffected vocals of Lily and Madeleine on songs such as the vaguely hymn-like, Celtic flavor of “Back to the River” or the gentle acoustic folk of “In the Middle.”

The sisters possess the kind of assured yet precociously innocent aura that Joni Mitchell or Sarah McLachlan did early on, that sense where they are simply singing for themselves, and we are just lucky to be listening in on the other side of the door.

Their bedroom musings, while lyrically not all that profound (“crushed by the weight of the globe, is it worth it, I hope so”, they sing in the title track) come across more mature than the Taylor Swift clones many have feared would come out of high school talent shows this generation, giving one hope that the kids are still alright, indeed.

Listen and download on Noise Trade here

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