Album a Day for August: The Breedings, Fayette


Brother-sister duo Willie and Erin Breedings, who perform as The Breedings, have come up with a more compelling take on the male/female musical dynamic on their latest, Fayette. Erin is a powerful vocalist without any guile present in her forthright style, which recalls Marshall Chapman‘s 70’s country-rock output at times or Grace Potter‘s mellower moments at other points.

Willie Breeding writes the songs, and his perspective is from the other side of the bar, the other side of a relationship, or just the other side of life in general. That his sister is able to imbue these love-gone-wrong or just love-gone songs with the appropriate levels of dismissive indignation or subdued resignation speaks to their sibling non-rivalry.

Musically, the duo surrounds their tunes with a potent and compelling backdrop that’s part acoustic folk, part bluesy rock ‘n’ roll, and while not really twangy other than the requisite pedal steel in the mix, a definite classic country undercurrent, reminiscent of Joe Henry’s earliest albums.

Stream Fayette here via Soundcloud


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