Album A Day For August: Cancellieri, III


One of the Post-Echo stable of artists based in Columbia, South Carolina but doing things far afield, Cancellieri is mostly Ryan Hutchens, sometimes with a band but always with a dreamlike, acoustic-based sound that’s less shoegaze than it is horizon-gazing, a forward-looking aural landscape with restless blues undercurrents that hint at deeper meanings and subtle contexts.

III is appropriately enough, Cancellieri’s third EP, a seventeen minute slice of the new weird Americana that can encompass the vaguely psychedelic trip “Storyteller” and the bare-bones basic acoustic “Shotgun Blues” with no apparent irony or self-consciousness.

There is a bare, naked appeal to these songs that’s based not in lo-fi hipsterism (because there are some serious production values on tracks such as “Western States”) but in the exposed, vulnerable voice of Ryan Hutchens. The CSN&Y “Helpless” takeoff of “Higher”, for example, sounds like Elliott Smith covering Neil Young, imparting feeling and nuanced lyricism to make technical prowess almost superfluous as the music floats past.

Cancellieri is headed out west and up north this month and next, with dates from Tennessee to Colorado, New York, and Vermont. For a full schedule see the Post-Echo site here.

Listen for yourself below, via SoundCloud:


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