Album a Day for August: Valley Maker, Yes I Know I’ve Loved This World


When Valley Maker‘s first album came out, the college thesis turned Biblical storytelling session was a captivating take on Old Testament scriptural interpretation. For the followup, songwriter Austin Crane has moved into more poetic territory, making this the Psalms of David counterpart to the previous collection’s creation anthology.

“You don’t know what you have found until you find what you have known”, Crane sings on “Only Friend”, to a repetitive, haunting drone, and it is this sense of discovery and the processes of life which informs the songs, from the piano-based trippiness of “Beginning or the End” to the quiet folk guitar figures of “Another Way Home.”

There are more instruments here than the debut, and Amy Godwin provides effective counterpoint to Crane’s plainspoken vocals, but it’s just as spare and sparse, a quietly powerful set of songs that don’t so much deal with faith as they wrestle with it in terms of human relationships.

“Take My People Dancing” is the intense core of the set, referencing other songs in its elliptical lyricism and exposing a conflicted heart full of doubt, rage, need, hope, and love–pretty much life in microcosm.

Listen via Bandcamp, below:


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