Album a Day for August: Snakadaktal, Sleep in the Water


There’s a definite underwater feeling to the debut full length from Australia’s Snakadaktal, Sleep in the Water, and its somnabulent pop is in line with down under classics from the likes of Not Drowning, Waving. Long, languid hooks unfold like deep sea driftwood, and the ethereal vocals from Phoebe Cockburn recall Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star/Opal vintage at times.

Not everything is sleepy and slippery, though. “Hung On Tight” pushes a male vocal up front atop haunting harmonies and an off-kilter rhythm track that give it an electronic-acoustic David Gray sound.

Some of these tunes were dribbled out over the past year or so as singles and videos, pointing to an album-less future or at least a point where the album is becoming an after-effect collection of an artist’s recent output. Despite that, the Snakadaktal personality is ingrained enough into each of these songs that it still makes sense aurally and thematically in an album format.

Check out the album in iTunes here


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