Album A Day for August: Rudimental, Home


The U.S. market is perpetually behind the rest of the world, it seems, when it comes to dance music, EDM, etc…today’s album has already been a chart topper in the UK and Australia, it just got released stateside this week.

Rudimental is one of those guest-happy ensembles common in EDM circles, but without a ‘base’ sound (though they are usually considered a drum-and-bass act). That lack of a common center allows them to venture down all kinds of different subgenre rabbit holes, from deep house to garage, neo-soul, and more, sometimes colliding the styles into a single hard-hitting mix such as “Waiting All Night” with its retro soul diva singer Ella Eyre and a skittering, scattershot drum and bass soundtrack. Angel Haze pops up on the hip-hop bum-rush of “Hell Could Freeze”, while John Newman and Ale give the piano-driven “Not Giving In” a real R&B grandeur before it explodes into a club banger and back again, and again. 

This is exciting stuff, as dance and electronic music goes, since it’s more than listenable outside of the club or gym. See below for a Souncloud link to an album sampler:

Here’s the latest video from the album, for “Right Here” feat. Foxes:

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