Album a Day for August: David Newbould, Tennessee


There are guys who play music and are good at it, and there are guys who sound like they were born to play and sing. David Newbould is in the latter category, with a natural voice and style that’s as easygoing as Dawes and as impassioned as Josh Ritter.

Newbould has a knack for making big statements out of very personal lyrics without turning everything into a bland Nashville commercial country song. Most of the songs revolve around the typical love lost/love won kind of themes, but instead of a mopey, morose singer-songwriter Newbould seems to prefer the big anthem and cinematic arrangement, not as much of a surprise when one finds out his music has been featured on numerous television shows from Dawson’s Creek to Criminal Minds. Music trivialists may want to note that Dan Baird of the Georgia Satellites appears on a couple of tracks, and steel guitarist Dan Dugmore from James Taylor’s band is on several more.

Here’s an interesting interview clip that features pieces of Newbould performing “Always Coming Home” live.

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