April Video A Day: Record Store Day Edition


Some really good stuff out there for Record Store Day this year, but I found most of my must-have list leaning to the classics of my 80’s college radio days. All five of these artists were ones I first discovered as a DJ at WUSC, when they were ‘new.’

Husker Du, Amusement 7” – this is a reissue version of their first single from 1981 with extra tracks, in a limited edition of 4000 with a gatefold sleeve.Husker Du gave us Bob Mould, of course, but the original band and its early work such as this stand as ferocious post-hardcore statements that resonate even now.
Bardo Pond, Rise Above It All 12” vinyl – covers of Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain” and Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has a Master Plan” make this a monumental two-song 12-incher (the first tune is 21 minutes, the second 15), and Bardo Pond’s predilection for spaced-out jazz-skronk rock is sure to be fully exploited here.
Testament, Dark Roots Covers Picture Disc 7” – First, it’s freakin’ Testament, one of the great metal bands, period. Second, it’s covers of “Animal Magnetism” by the Scorpions and “Powerslave” from Iron Maiden. Third, if you really need another reason, it’s a picture disc…
The Three O’Clock, Live at the Old Waldorf 2/9/82 12” Vinyl – Part of the 80’s rock scene in California that was dubbed the “Paisley Underground” for their pseudo-psychedelic pop tendencies, The Three O’Clock were among the sweetest purveyors of that retro sound. This unreleased live show also includes Rain Parade and Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, putting it over the top as I’m a fan of all three.
Tommy Keene, Back To Zero Now 7” – a reissue of power pop legend Tommy Keene’s 1981 debut single, with a picture sleeve. Would be a nice addition to my Keene collection.

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