April Video A Day: Hick’ry Hawkins & Sidemeat, Live in 95

Just reposted by original Sidemeat bassist Kebin Ahrens (There’s another posting of it from 2010), this clip is a video montage of country punk artist Hick’ry Hawkins from a 1995 show at Rockafellas, in Columbia South Carolina. It shows his entertaining on-stage antics pretty well, including the classic “Welllllllllllll…..” that seemed to open 90 percent of his songs. A true character who made as many friends around here as he did enemies, Hawkins was never afraid to offer his opinion–something that’s sadly lacking from current performers, who are too afraid of offending someone.
Hawkins is based in Charlotte these days but back then he was rip-roaring and raucous any chance he could get around Columbia. His 1997 EP “Anarky, TN” was the first thing I reviewed for the magazine No Depression, an assignment that turned into ten years or so of contributing there on a pretty regular basis.


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