April Video a Day: The Unawares, “Barfighting Nothings”

Every live video I’ve ever seen of The Unawares is a bit on the fuzzy side sound-wise, including several I’ve shot myself. This recent clip is no exception–posted for the excellent Metronome site in Charleston, South Carolina, it shows the Columbia proto-punk ensemble in fine fuzzed-out form playing a song from their newly released Absinthe Acres 12″ vinyl album. Yes, a record. Recorded totally analog as well, it’s a blast of past technology that’s more fun than a barrel full of monkeys with typewriters, or maybe guitars. The A side is all new songs, the B side contains re-recorded versions of songs from previous releases.
Seriously, though, The Unawares are certainly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses; on the plus side they rattle of the sub-three minute obtuse anthem like nobody’s business, on the minus side the songs all begin to run together after a while. Short bursts of attitude and the aptitude to pull them off repeatedly, however, mean that even their predictability can be labeled a good thing.

Want to see them in person, you’re in luck because they’ll be headlining a record release show tonight (April 6th, 2013) at New Brookland Tavern here in Columbia, SC.


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