Dear Blanca’s Talker Out Today



The basic building blocks of Dear Blanca are Dylan Dickerson of Pan on guitar and vocals along with Marc Coty on drums, but rather than taking the dirty blues approach of The White Stripes or the Black Keys, the band strips down not their sound but the raw emotions behind the music. Dickerson’s voice is that imperfectly perfect instrument that conveys more with one broken, croaking chorus than a million melismatic reality show singers could in an entire season, while the music crashes down around it.

Taking cues from post-punk pioneers such as The Minutemen or the lesser known but equally angular and abrasive Antietam, Dear Blanca’s take on the topic is an expressively dramatic one that recalls The Undertones‘ more melodic work on tracks such as “Musclehead” and “A-HA.” The arangements are densely populated with piano, percussion, and other less identifiable sounds floating in and out of the tracks like characters in some grand rock opera in such a way that only Dickerson knows the plot line. Want to listen to the story? Check out the album below:



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