Video of the Week: Notes To Self, Sky Light


A hip-hop tune that’s positive? no gang banging, no guns or bling in the video? I’m in….this is a clip from Toronto hip-hop group Notes To Self’s upcoming album Target Market [RECOIL] guaranteed to put a smile on your face, not just for the joyous footage of schoolkids in Notes to Self T-shirts (love the kid who puts the shirt on as a pair of pants/shorts upside down), but also for the old school style lyrics, message, and sound. Back when De La Soul and Arrested Development were the current rage, I had hope that all of hip-hop could be this socially conscious. That’s a long gone conceit, but this is a nice respite from overcommercialization and hype. Target Market [RECOIL] drops on Decon 2/26.

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