Rhye’s “The Fall”, Four Different Ways

There are alternate versions of almost every song these days, especially when you’re talking club music, pop remixes, acoustic versions, etc…but new artist Rhye has gone overboard with the single “The Fall,” releasing not just an official version with a video but an alternate video version and two remixes which also have had unique videos cut for them. If you’re counting, that’s four different videos for the same song.

First comes the ‘Official’ version, which is pretty slick, it came out back in October:

Then watch the newly released live version with some really sweet vintage home movie footage of various couples and families hamming it up for their old Super 8’s or whatever they used back then…

If that’s not enough, there’s “TIP’s Can’t You Stay Rework” which is an understated dance mix combined with footage of synchronized swimmers…if they did this in the Olympics I might have watched this event…

Had enough yet? I hope not, because I’ve saved the best one for last–“The Maurice Fulton Alt Remix” not only makes the track sound like a 70’s soul groove, it’s paired with classic video footage of Soul Train dancers soloing on the show:

Want at least one of the versions of the song to download? check out their site at http://rhyemusic.com/ and sign up on their mailing list for a free download of “The Fall”.


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