The Kingston Springs Dirtying Up Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll on Self-Titled Debut

Nashville rockers The Kingston Springs remind me of those 80’s and 90’s bands that threw everything they had into their retro garage rock sound; groups such as The Droogs, The Cynics, The Woggles, Redd Kross, or The Splatcats. Even the album cover looks like one of those old Chesterfield Kings LPs from my college radio days. I say all this to say that this is real, raucous, and raunchy rock ‘n’ roll the way it ought to be played, at least in a smoky bar with a sticky floor and lots of girls dancing to the band.

They hit all the garage rock requirements song-wise, too…there’s a mean harmonica player in the band, there’s a song named after a year (the clap-along “1991”), and not just one but two songs named for girls– “Sweet Susie” and “Dirty Sherry.” Stream the whole thing at their Bandcamp link below, where you may also download it for a modest ten bucks.


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