Post-Echo Releases Full Drift Package


I’ve posted already about the Post-Echo collective’s ambitious “Drift” project, which pairs fourteen tracks from their musical artists with a graphic Sci-Fi novella/comic book. The songs have been leaking out at the rate of one per day this month, and today the visual component is available for viewing on the Post-Echo site. As intriguing as the music has been, in combination with the graphics and storyline it is even more integral to the concept. Try this–on the Drift page there is a player with all the songs included, click ‘play’ on the first song as you click on the first page of the graphic content. Read slowly and take time to soak in the deep, dark colors and uncanny depth of field in the two-dimensional images. It’s not quite “Dark Side of the Moon” synched to “The Wizard of Oz” but there are more than a few times that the music is a fitting accompaniment to the action on the page. It’s not that long of a story; I only made it through the 6th or 7th song before I was finished reading, so I read it twice, and those musical/graphical connections continued to pop up. Kudos to Post-Echo and their artists, both visual, literary, and musical, for such a challenging and ultimately rewarding piece of multimedia. To see and hear for yourself, check it out here: DRIFT (::)::(::)::

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