Drifting Into Multi-Channel Art with Post-Echo

Those crazy Post-Echo folks are at it again, using multiple avenues of expression to present a multifaceted artistic vision they’re calling Drift.

At its most basic, Drift is a graphic novella with what appears from a promo video clip to be a dark, chilling, time and space related sci-fi theme, illustrated by Andrea Miller of Omnomable Visions.

What the Post-Echo team has done differently, however, is pair the printed page with an audio soundtrack from fourteen recording artists associated with Post-Echo, including Cancellieri, People Person, Koda, Arrange, Glass Vaults, Hello Handshake, Jason F. Stroud, Pan, Forces of a Street, Vyie, Ramphastos, The Radar Cinema, Storms Ov Jupiter, and Roomdance, . To make things interesting they have begun releasing the songs one at a time, one each day until the August 14th release of the full project. You’ll have to check their website for the rest of the two week period of releases, but I’ve included a quick link below to the ones already out:

Click here for the first two songs released via Soundcloud 

Watch the promo video below:





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