Oh Ginger’s New EP [ohginger]

Lindsay Holler has been making great music out of Charleston, South Carolina for a while now, but recently she has  been collaborating with Michael Hanf on a duo they call Oh Ginger. What makes it an interesting combination is that Hanf is a multi-instrumentalist and former Charlestonian who now lives in New York, making the commute for rehearsals pretty rough, I’d guess. The vibraphone which Hanf primarily wields on the new EP complements Holler’s guitar picking nicely, just as Hanf’s voice is a more strident counterpoint to her own soulful singing.

On her own, Holler tends toward the blues/country side of Americana; with Hanf the sounds that emerge are a more mixed bag of hushed indie folk and classic songcraft, marking this not as a major departure but an intriguing sidestep.

Here’s a video of Oh Ginger singing “And So it Goes” from the new EP:

For more, check out the Bandcamp page for the EP here:


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