Free Song For Mother’s Day from Groovelily’s Valerie Vigoda

Valerie Vigoda first came to my attention in the 1990’s as part of the jazzy pop band Groovelily, who toured through here a number of times and always put on tremendous shows. Vigoda is a violinist and with fellow Groovelily member Brendan Milburn (now her partner in life as well as music), the pair have branched out into writing for film (“Tinkerbell”) and the Broadway and off-Broadway stages. Her newest project is an upcoming solo album, and with Mother’s Day upon us this week Vigoda has offered up a taste of the new recording sessions via “Thaw/Irish Lullaby” a re-cast version of a tune from the Groovelily days that was written about the changing relationship between Vigoda and her own mother as she became an adult. On the Bandcamp page for the song, Vigoda says:

“My mom passed away in 2009, and we haven’t played it in the band since — but this solo project is the perfect opportunity to bring it back; I think my mom would be very excited and proud about what I’m doing here. Just like my son is now, she was a small person with a very big voice and big personality, and she loved to sing. She was part Irish, and loved to sing Irish songs…so this is a re-imagining of “Thaw,” my song for my mother, mashed up with the Irish lullaby she used to sing to me.”

And here is a video of Vigoda performing the song live:


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