Confessions and Observations of a MerleFest Rookie, Part III

Saturday’s biggest issue was the weather, but after a cold Friday night I’d planned ahead and took some warm pants to put on when I needed them. The day overall was overcast and chilly throughout, with the sweatshirt being necessary pretty much all day.

Saturday’s discovery was the Snyder Family Band, who put on a great set at the Creekside stage. They’re a true family act with thirteen year old Samantha on fiddle and vocals and her sixteen year old brother Zeb on guitar and vocals. Most impressively, they played a number of original songs, gospel and instrumentals as well, that had them sounding like a young Nickel Creek.

The Hillside Album Hour was all it was built up to be by my friends I’m here with, and the Waybacks and guests take on Jimi Hendrix’ Are You Experienced album was phenomenal.

Today’s going to be fun but bittersweet since it’s the final day of music here; between the camping, the music, and the friendly people I’ve met inbetween, it has been the kind of experience that proves why people come back here year after year.

See you next year, when I’ll have to rename this blog series…


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