Interesting list here of supposed “rejected campaign songs” from the Obama camp…shoulda been on The Onion, obviously.


Pop tunes, and music in general, have had their role in political campaigns for decades.  The needlessly long 2012 American Presidential race continues that tradition.  Whenever a candidate or incumbent walks to the podium to deliver a speech during one of the many stops on the trail, there’s usually a familiar song playing them up on stage.  And after they finish yammering on about things they don’t mean and promises they don’t intend to keep, either that same track or a different one plays them off.

Recently, President Obama released the songs he’ll be using for his re-election campaign.  Interestingly, he originally had a very different list that he ultimately abandoned.  Here they are in random order:

1. Masters Of War (Bob Dylan)

2. So Cruel (U2)

3. Killing An Arab (The Cure)

4. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Fine Young Cannibals)

5. I’m A Conservative…

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