Love (Songs) Stink?

The annual ritual known as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and guys worldwide are procrastinating about what to get their significant others, where to take them out to eat, etc….Music has always been a big part of dating and relationships, with everyone having ‘our song’, for example, but so much of the supposedly romantic music out there is nearly unlistenable dreck. Here, then, are my favorite songs for Valentine’s Day that don’t stink.

1. “Throw Your Arms Around Me,” Hunters & Collectors
One of my favorite 80’s bands from Australia, usually a bit more rocking and upbeat but this is a classic love song that’s been featured in at least one movie.

2. “If I Should Fall Behind,” Bruce Springsteen
One of Bruce’s sweetest songs, and a real sentiment for many marriages that hits home for me as well.

3. “You Are The Light”
, Lone Justice
Sometimes rendered as a gospel song but it works just as well as a love song.

4. “You Raise Me Up”, Josh Groban
Another one that’s equally workable in the sacred and secular realm…

5. “I Can’t Help (Falling In Love With You)”, Elvis Presley
The granddaddy of all rock ‘n’ roll love songs.

6. “Love Will Come To You,” Robert Hutto
Outside of his fans in South Carolina and Florida this Robert Hutto original is probably not a very well known song, but it should be…a great lyric about patience when it comes to love.

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