Video of the Week: Nada Surf, “When I Was Young”

Hard to believe Nada Surf has survived since their short flirtation with the hit machine a decade or so ago (remember “Popular”?); they’re making even better music now that they’re a bit under the mainstream radar. From their most recent album The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy comes this bit of slow-building majesty, “When I Was Young,” with a video filmed and directed by Phil Harder in the band’s hometown, New York City.
“Because ‘When I Was Young’ is about my childhood,” says lead singer and guitarist Matthew Caws, “I thought a video about a kid growing up in New York could be great. The only suggestions that went out to Phil were a kid growing up in NY and The Royal Tennenbaums. But he really got it right and more, suggesting and nailing things about childhood that I would not have been able to express. Otto is extraordinary in it. That he instills fun, makes it all the more poignant.”

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