Best Local Music Videos of 2011

I’ve commented in this space before about the resurgence of real, creative music video; the local artists here in Columbia, SC are doing some great work in this arena lately so I figured I’d give a preview of my year-end lists (coming in the Free Times in a couple weeks) via a list of some of the best local clips of the year, in no particular order:

Haley Dreis, Candy In The Summertime
The summer jam of 2011 got a summer-y video a little too late to be useful, but you can bet this will get some more spins once it warms up again, even though Dreis herself is a little farther from the beach since her move to Nashville in mid-2011.

Coma Cinema, Blue Suicide
From bedroom to big time, Mat Cothran has always sounded like he belonged right where he was.

Right To Fall, Change
One of the best heavy rock bands in town these days succeeds with a concept clip shot by a real music video director:

Obraskai, Bare
Right to Fall got their director after watching what he did for their buddies in Obraskai on this clip:

Treadmill Trackstar, Waste
Drama, from a master of the dramatic rock concept thing.

Toro Y Moi, How I Know
no longer just chillwave, Chaz Bundick has graduated to plain old cool…

Darius Rucker, This
Major label country star that Rucker is now, this was shot in part on stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville…still a little odd to see Darius there.

CherryCase, If You Go
They went, to Nashville…left us this gorgeous song and footage from Columbia and Charleston.

American Gun, Therapy
Therapy, or theater? Either way, a great looking and sounding clip.

Say Brother, All I Got Is Time
randomly edited live footage that conveys the ramshackle good time that is a Say Brother gig.

FatRat Da Czar, All Around The Town
the everyman rapper, this brand new video includes some Columbia skyline footage.

Ben G, May Day
Carolina table in the pool, bikini babes all over the place, it’s a white rapper’s wet dream…

Marshall Brown, Pipe Dream
maybe it’s the wind blowing on the microphone, or the dog barking in the background, but this field recording of one of the best songs from Brown’s latest album is as riveting, if not more so, than the studio version.

Whiskey Tango Revue
, South Carolina (Moon-Spangled Banner)
Full disclosure: I put together this slide show video myself, after interviewing the band and more or less coming up with the idea mid-conversation. Great song, glad the video has gotten a few hundred hits.

The Lovely Few, Astronaut
Another local band with little in the way of video out there, so this WXRY in-studio take will have to do, though it’s pretty wonderful, really.

Hannah Miller, O Black River
Technically not a Columbia, SC artist any more since her move to Nashville a little over a year ago, I’ll throw this one in because it’s a beautiful clip, and a great song.

Ghosts of the Great Highway
, Never Been Worse
Love those SceneSC guys and their videography, including this fountain-riddled clip of a song from Ghosts of the Great Highway, included here because I like the album a bunch and I can’t find any other recent video out there of him.

Sea Wolf Mutiny, Wishing Well
A new song that’s not even on their phenomenal new album, nonetheless the ‘practice space’ clip here captures the stark, quiet yet powerfully grandiose vibe of the band perfectly.

Magnetic Flowers, Southern Baptist Gothic
Not a 2011 song, but a newly cobbled-together video from one of my favorite local acts.


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