Right To Fall Debut “Change” Video

MTV may not actually show music videos any more, but increasingly the thing to do for bands is to put out a video online and let the blogs and various social media pick it up and spread it around. That’s what local Columbia, South Carolina heavy rockers Right To Fall are hoping will happen with the video they commissioned for their new song “Change”.
“Change” was released in audio form last week and it’s a monster track that showcases the multiple personality disorder of Scott’s vocals, which can effortlessly go from a melodic Chris Cornell style to windpipe-strangling screams and back.
“We were around for a while jumping back and forth to find out what works for us,” He says. “We found this stuff I can click with in the last six months–I’ve always been a singer but once I started playing with these guys I started to get into the screaming thing, too. Pain in Life (Scott’s previous band) was all singing, but I’m having a lot of fun doing both.”
The inspiration for shooting a conceptual video for the new song came from a fellow local band.
“We saw Obraskai‘s video they did with Gustavo Montana of AtDusk Media and got in touch with him about doing one with us,” Scott says. “He came out to a show to hear us play and we sat down and talked about ideas for the video.”
“Change” has a dual-layer meaning, according to Scott, who wrote the lyrics to the song.
“On one level it’s about people who spend their whole lives talking about changing things and never actually do anything, and on a smaller level it’s about a girl I knew in a bad situation who wouldn’t do anything to get out of it.”
Montana used the latter story as a basis for the video concept and shot in several local locations.
“The storyline is about a girl who dreams of being a ballerina but she never goes after that and by the end of the video she’s strung out and being taken away in an ambulance,” Scott says.
Shot over the course of three days, the band filmed their scenes in an unused building on the Old Mill property in Lexington.
“The walls were all warped and nasty inside, with inches of dust on the floor and holes in the wall,” Scott says. “We used one of the holes to pump in fog.”
Getting a realistic ending to the video almost resulted in some collateral property damage, Scott says.
“The last day of shooting was done in front of the dancer’s house and we borrowed a Palmetto City Ambulance vehicle and a couple of their paramedics,” He says. “They did such a great job in getting it right that we had people slowing down driving by to see what or who was going in th eback of the ambulance—one of them came real close to hitting my car parked on the street.”
The new song and video are just a taste of what’s to come from Right to Fall in terms of new music, Scott promises.
“It will be the first track off our new album, but this is just the start,” He says. “After we’re done promoting the video this week we’ll be doing a couple solid weeks of getting into the studio and recording some of our other new songs.”
Here, then, is the video:


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