Thirty More Great Columbia Bands?

Due to the response from the post I put up a couple of days ago and the fact that I totally left out a bunch of great bands that could have or should have made the original list, here’s another thirty Columbia acts–proof that the talent is deep in this town.

31. Hot Lava Monster

32. Justin Smith and the Folk-Hop Band

33. Death Becomes Even The Maiden

34. The Decade

35. Hannah Miller

36. Due East/Zach Seibert

37. Guyana Punchline

38. Lunch Money

39. Verna Cannon

40. Drink Small

41. Elliott and the Untouchables

42. F 13

43. John Wesley Satterfield and his Damn Fine Band

44. Casual Kings

45. Burns Out Bright

46. Baumer

47. Love Apple

48. S-Tribe/Moving Mercury

49. throttlerod

50. Sunshone Still

51. Donbravado

52. Haley Dreis

53. Hick’ry Hawkins and Sidemeat

54: Petrillo Relents

55: Kenley Young & the Open Fires

56: Pinna

57: Sea Wolf Mutiny

58: Papa String Band

And two more you can find videos for on your own:

59: Hootie and the Blowfish
60: Crossfade

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