Thirty Great Columbia Bands

So today I see that a couple days ago Paste posted a pretty impressive video list of “Thirty Great Athens Bands,” and my first thought was “okay, I can come up with that many from right here in Columbia (who aren’t Hootie or Crossfade…), right? Here’s my list, loosely arranged in chronological order. As with any list like this I surely left off your favorite band, so let me know–post a link to their video in the comments.

1.Bachelors Of Art

2.Lay Quiet Awhile

3.Stretch Armstrong

4.Bedlam Hour



7.Treadmill Trackstar

8.Isabelle’s Gift

9.Josh Roberts and the Hinges

10.Heist and the Accomplice

11.Siler’s Bald

12.Sourwood Honey

13.The South

14.Whiskey Tango Revue

15.American Gun

16.Woodwork Roadshow


18.Private Life of David Reed

19.The Unawares

20.Rockefeller Horsecollar

21.The Restoration

22.Kemp Ridley

23.Toro Y Moi

24.Coma Cinema


26.Marry A Thief


28.Sea Wolf Mutiny

29.Magnetic Flowers

30.Daylight Hours


9 thoughts on “Thirty Great Columbia Bands

  1. Wow! This is a great list! Lots of talent from Columbia…
    Here’s a few more bands that get a nod from me:
    Hot Lava Monster
    The Root Doctors
    Charming Hala
    49 Reasons
    God’s Comics (Brent’s other band)

    1. God’s Comics, I’ve heard of them repeatedly yet can’t find anything on them anywhere. Is there a place I can go to find more on them??

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