Blast From SC Music Past: Opie’s Problem

In the late 80’s to very early 1990’s, there was a musical duo in Charleston, South Carolina called Opie’s Problem that consisted of a female singer and bassist and a male singer/guitarist. The couple (who were a couple in their personal lives as well as musical) played mostly the small coffeehouse venues, open mikes and such, around the downtown area and released a self-produced cassette, but after a move to Seattle they pretty much dropped off the face of the musical earth as far as their SC fans were concerned. This was, of course, many years before the ubiquitous internet would have allowed us to follow their career from afar even in their relative obscurity. Even now, there is nary a trace of their existence anywhere online that I can find.

So, imagine my surprise today when I stumbled across a three-year old video clip posted on Youtube of one of the songs I remember from their Charleston years, “Blue Skies”, complete with some grainy video footage of two people that look a lot like how I remember them. This many years later I can’t even remember their names, but this song (which sounds a bit like an acoustic Reivers tune with jangly guitars and a clear-as-a-bell female vocal) is indelibly etched on my aural memory:

Before rediscovering this song, the only vestige left in my music collection from Opie’s Problem was a single track on a compilation album of local rock circa 1989. If anyone out there has a copy of the group’s cassette recording digitized, I’d love to hear it again, too. Until then, here’s that other song, “Is It Sunday”, which I’ve taken the liberty of posting on Youtube myself:

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