1/11/11 and Other Numbers

With all the numerology surrounding 2011 dates such as today’s 1/11/11 and November’s 11/11/11 I found myself thinking about numbers in songs today…here, then, is a list of 11 ‘number’ songs:

“19”, Paul Hardcastle: I remember the extended remix version of this one the most, just for the sheer repetitive nature of it…a dancefloor hit with a serious side “In WWII the average age of the combat soldier was 26, in Vietnam it was 19.”

“2112”, Rush: The height of pomposity from Geddy Lee and company, still, for fans of Rush this is a classic entry in their catalog that isn’t played to death on ‘classic rock’ radio.

“23”, Jimmy Eat World: The lines “You’ll sit alone forever / if you wait for the right time / what are you hoping for,” capture so much emotion and life in such a short space…perfect.

“23”, Blonde Redhead: same number, totally different song…the title cut from this band’s 2007 album. Think it has something to do with the 23 Enigma in numerology, maybe.

“7”, Prince: some serious numerological stuff going on in this one, but it’s pretty funky nonetheless:

“1,000,000”, R.E.M.: I think this was the first song of theirs I heard, still a favorite.

“999,999,999”, Nine Inch Nails: the intro to another numerical track, “1,000,000,000”, on The Slip.

“99”, Toto: Okay, I’ll admit it…I like Toto, as far as classic light rock goes–the early songs like this one are the best.

“25 or 6 to 4”
, Chicago: Another classic rock number song…dig the horn section.

“808080808”, 808 State: The most number-happy track I could remember, the album this acid house classic came from was named 90.

“2541”, Grant Hart: probably my favorite song on this list, a great tune about a former home address from the Husker Du drummer.


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