Patrick Davis Celebrates NYE Gamecock Style

(As published in this week’s edition of the Columbia Free Times)

For the second year in a row Nashville songwriter and Camden native Patrick Davis will be home for New Year’s Eve, but this time around is special for a couple of reasons—He’s part owner of the new Camden venue he’s playing, and the Gamecocks are playing a bowl game before the well-known USC fan’s set.
“Travis Maynard (local promoter and White Mule owner) came to me with the idea that the two of us should consider renovating, renaming and reopening a once popular spot in my childhood hometown of Camden,” Davis says. “With Camden’s rich history we decided to name it The Old Towne Tavern and concentrate on a high quality atmosphere with the occasional live music event.”
Davis has had success in Nashville as a co-writer of hits with Pat Green, Jason Michael Carroll, and others, but he says this past year was a ‘year of cultivation.’
“What I worked on in 2010 won’t reap rewards until next year or even later,” Davis says. “Most of it was spent writing and producing for future projects.” Those include writing sessions with Lady Antebellum and Jewel, and producing Jason Michael Carroll’s upcoming release for the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain’s record label.
One of the most popular songs Davis has written is his ode to the University of South Carolina football program, “Big Ole Cock.”
“The response to that song has been overwhelmingly positive,” Davis says. “The title does scare a few folks but once listeners realize it’s just a nice little ditty about the trials and tribulations of being a big ole Gamecock fan most of them really enjoy it.”
Since he’s such a big USC fan and the team is playing in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl the same night of his New Year’s Eve show, here’s a list from Davis himself of his personal “Top 5 Gamecock Football Moments”:

#5: Brad Edwards returning an interception for a touchdown against Clemson in 1987: I remember watching this game with my late grandfather & just being so excited when Edwards picked this pass off & slid into the end zone.

#4: Erik Kimrey’s fade to beat Mississippi State in 2000: This was one moment when the heavens smiled down on The Gamecocks. What a play!

#3: Beating untouchable Florida State in 1984: This is my very first real Gamecock memory. I was a wee lil’ Gamecock fan but I vividly remember us winning this game on national TV and having the overwhelming feeling that I had helped the Cocks beat the Seminoles.

#2: Beating Alabama in 2010: I flew down from Nashville for this game and it is one that I will never forget! What a moment to be a part of. The entire stadium was in shock, we had witnessed something we had been told was only a pipe dream, but luckily some dreams do come true.

#1: Taneyhill Signing The Tiger Paw in 1992: I somehow managed to talk my parents into letting their 15 year old son make the long trip from Camden to Clemson with a few buddies for this game and it was one of those high school moments you live for and then spend a lifetime reliving. We scored tickets in the student section of Death Valley and I sat there surrounded by ugly orange and beautiful college girls as the Cocks beat down the Tigers and Steve Taneyhill signed his way into Carolina folklore.

Tickets and info about the NYE show at Patrick Davis Music–here.


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