Play Me I’m Yours Puts Pianos in the Street

Montage by Luke Jerram

Since 2008, artist Luke Jerram has been touring a unique bit of installation art called “Play Me I’m Yours.” The concept is simple–take a bunch of festively decorated upright pianos and place them in various public locations in major cities, where people can play them. Each city chosen has their own website that branches off of a main site for the overall project, and those who participate are encouraged to upload pictures and video of themselves at the pianos–the montage above includes several examples of these pictures.

Once the project’s time is up in each city, the pianos are donated to various schools and community groups, a great idea that promotes music that will continue long after the pianos have left the public spaces.

Play Me I’m Yours Website

Currently the artwork/installation/public art project is in Cincinnati, San Jose, and Pecs, Hungary. New York City was one of the locations this past summer, and resident indie-pop band The Spring Standards, a favorite of this blog, took advantage of the project to shoot some video themselves–here’s a new one they’ve just posted of them at the Prospect Park piano playing their song “Queen of the Lot” from their latest album Would Things Be Different:


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