Beats Antique Cross a New Musical Threshold

Tried out USTREAM tonight looking for something to watch, and the “suggested” live show was of Oakland, California “Gypsy Electronica” group Beats Antique. Curious, I decided to check it out, and as I’m writing this they’re still playing a mesmerizing set of Mediterranean/Turkish/Middle Eastern influenced dance music that’s as informed by ancient folk tones as it is modern electronics.

In addition to the music, which would be enough, really, there is the dancing accompaniment of Zoe Jakes in various belly dancing costumes and some other dancers in large animal head costumes. And to answer your unasked question, no I’m not tripping on anything other than the band’s music at the moment.

A quick search reveals that Beats Antique has just released a new album, Blind Threshold, which you can learn more about at their official website
Missed the live concert? check out the archived set at

Buy or stream the album itself at their Bandcamp page:

here’s a youtube clip of a different show, too:


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