The Resurgence of the Music Video?

Music video hasn’t been a big player in breaking new artists since MTV and VH1 stopped playing videos in favor of reality fare and “lifestyle programming,” whatever that is.

With the ubiquitous nature of social media it seems like more and more bands are discovering that a cool video that people can share has the potential to go viral and get their music out to a lot of new ears. OK Go is an obvious example of this working well, and there are others, but this really came to head within my own experience this week as I got links to a couple of very cool clips that expand the concept of a music video almost to the breaking point.

Dead Man’s Bones‘ new one for “Pa Pa Power” is almost thirteen minutes, more a short film than a music video, and it’s totally captivating and inspiring on several different levels. The Acorn uses the almost retro stop-motion animation technique in their latest video for “Restoration.” In both cases, it helps that they’re both really good songs as well as cool videos, of course.

Check out both clips below, and if you know of others pushing the video envelope, put a link in the comments.

5 thoughts on “The Resurgence of the Music Video?

      1. Would you be willing to let me copy it to DVD? I have two girlfriends who were in it, and as we discussed our wild years (lol) one mentioned her starring moment, but she never got to see the vid…

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