Megan McNeil’s Amazing Will To Survive

Megan McNeil has been fighting cancer since she was sixteen years old, and the budding musician wrote a song about it. Now, that in itself wouldn’t be so unusual, music is great therapy for illness after all, but in McNeil’s case her song got a listen from producer Garth Richardson and it took off from there.

Richardson gathered some pros together and helped McNeil cut a fully produced version of the song, complete with a chorus of kids also battling cancer, and there is a website, a Youtube video, and more. McNeil is donating proceeds of the song’s sales to children’s cancer research, and you can find it on iTunes and

The kicker, for me at least, is that it’s a pretty good song, not some hackneyed benefit anthem or amateurish attempt at capturing serious emotions–it’s a heartfelt stab in the heart that sounds a little like an Indigo Girls tune, and I dare you to hear it and not shed a tear. Here’s the video, links to all the sites mentioned below that.
Will To Survive, iTunes


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