Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On A Wire” Re-released

Leonard Cohen is one of those artists I listen to when certain moods strike…not every day, mind you, but when the right mood happens along, songs such as “Bird On A Wire” and “Suzanne” fit the occasion perfectly, at least for me. Not having seen him in concert, the announcement of a re-released concert documentary is welcome news around here.

From the SeeOfSound.com website:
Originally made in 1972 and directed by celebrated British filmmaker Tony Palmer, “Bird On A Wire” follows Cohen on his 1972 European tour and contains 17 classic performances, 4 poems and tour footage. After massive re-editing, although not by Palmer, it was released in 1974, had a very limited run and then ‘disappeared’. Like many films from the era it was thought that the original version had been lost, but in 2009, 294 rolls of film were discovered containing much of the original rushes and soundtrack of the 1972 film. Palmer was able to restore much of this footage and it is now available on DVD for the first time.

Here’s a preview trailer of the DVD:

Click here for credits and ordering info from the SeeOfSound.com guys


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