Fast Times At Ridgemont High

August 13th, 1982 saw the debut of one of the great teen movies of all time, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, including future stars Forrest Whitaker, Sean Penn, and more. I loved it because of the music references and moments running throughout, plus a great soundtrack with then-famous artists like Billy Squier and Sammy Hagar. Click here for the ticket scalper scene (“Got any Blue Oyster Cult?”).

First time director Cameron Crowe went on to make such classics as Say Anything, Singles, and Almost Famous, all with great soundtracks of their own.


One thought on “Fast Times At Ridgemont High

  1. You know, it embarassed me a hell of a lot in HS, that I looked a lot like Judge Reinhold in Fast Times. What with the masturbating over Phoebe Cates and stuff. Now, not so much. when people say “you look familiar” I usually start singing “Moving in Stereo” but they don’t get it and I have to explain. THAT is often awkward!

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