Song of the Fortnight Launched by Chucktown Music Group

Hootie & The Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan‘s Chucktown Music Group venture announced a new music release program this week called “Song of the Fortnight.” Through this program, a new song from a CMG artist or affiliated artist will be launched every two weeks on via a streaming media player. Alongside each song the site will include artist images, bio information, a brief interview and the option to purchase the song.

The first artist featured is Occasional Milkshake, the ad hoc band Bryan formed with members of Cravin’ Melon and the Blue Dogs to play bar gigs between Hootie tours. The song is “(My Baby) She’s Allright”, a cover of a Scruffy the Cat song from the 1980s that Mark and the band have been playing since they formed.

For those unfamiliar with them, and that’s probably most of you, Scruffy the Cat was from Boston, and they issued several albums in the late 1980s which received college radio airplay. Bryan first heard their music on WUSC-FM at the University of South Carolina as a student DJ there, and when they were booked to play the local live music club Rockafellas, Mark got his band from back home in Maryland, the Norms, booked to open for them. Though his old bandmates couldn’t make the trip, Mark was invited by the members of Scruffy the Cat to play “(My Baby) She’s Allright” on stage with them at that show…he’s been playing it ever since.

Chucktown Music Group will be featuring other musicians from Charleston and the surrounding region in coming installments of “Song of the Fortnight,” so look for CMG artists John Wesley Satterfield, Haley Dreis, Steven Fiore, and Emily Hearn to be featured soon.

Song of the Fortnight web page


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